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Site To Do

Created: Oct 24, 2021. Last updated: Oct 24, 2021.

Things I still want to improve, add, or fix:

Should have

  • Filter on notes with specific tags (key areas)
  • Use the backlinks listing style also for the other listings, as this way more notes can be shown in a smaller space, allowing for discovery and wandering
  • Extend the backlinks listing to show note status icon if information is present, perhaps just before the note title like in the normal listing. - perhaps not as an icon, but as a word, which is easier to interpret in this case
  • Extend the backlinks listing to show a small part of the header image to make everything a bit more visual, perhaps as a narrow slice at the top of the note block, more for aesthetics than for actually showing the contents of the picture?
  • Finish the final refactoring of the original theme in terms of separating layouts and making file names lowercase
  • Filter out markdown comments between %% and %%
  • Dealing with aliases – aliases can perhaps be used as an alternative to alternative internal links (see item below)
  • Add alternative internal link names with pipe syntax - tried to work on this, but there is some additional processing going on somewhere in the background that makes it more difficult than I thought.

Could have

  • Other icons for the note stages. The openmoji ones do not work well when small.
  • Support for different types of document listings, with or without images, also smaller like the backlinks listing
  • Graph view showing the links between notes
  • Tag support (I don't use tags that much, aside from indicating note status and note type)
  • Improve the content parsing code, as it is now pretty inefficient going through arrays multiple times unnecessarily. Not a problem right now, but could be problematic when the digital garden gets larger? Yey for pre-building ;)
  • Make the back button just go back one step using browser history. Makes the behavior more as expected when going through different notes via internal links.

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