Created: Nov 05, 2021. Last updated: Nov 06, 2021.

Learning is one of my passions. I have been in some form of school non-stop since kindergarten ;) I love to learn, whether it is learning how to sing, how to play beat saber at expert+ level, or how to develop optimal [XR] user interfaces. In teaching I have had a broad set of experiences from Introduction to programming to Algorithms and datastructures and Research skills (Curiosity).

Some of the topics and questions I have started to dive into in this digital gardenDigital garden
A digital garden is a type of web presence which is somewhere in-between a tweet and a blog, in terms of the amount of structure and finality of the contents (see [[note stages]]). Like a garden, i...

  • How do you become an expertExpert
    As a relatively young [[research line]] in the group on relatively young topics such as XR and persuasive technology, an interesting question is: When can we call ourselves experts in these fields?...
  • How can a learning communityLearning community
    A [[learning]] community is where different people come together to learn and develop on a specific topic. This can be a key factor in continuous learning and developing your [[expert]]ise.

    (This ...
    help us in life-long learning?
  • What are key concepts in learning (and teaching) that are important to understand? Such as threshold conceptThreshold concept
    A threshold concept is like "a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something. It represents a transformed way of understanding, or interpreting, or viewing so...
    s, scaffolding, but also the productivity-related Pareto principle.

I can thoroughly recommend the books by Barbara Oakley on this, specifically:

They are both very thorough, concrete and hands-on.