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Digital garden

Created: Oct 24, 2021. Last updated: Oct 14, 2021.

A digital garden is a type of web presence which is somewhere in-between a tweet and a blog, in terms of the amount of structure and finality of the contents (see note stagesNote stages
Notes in a [[digital garden]] have different stages of development.
For my notes, I'm using the same terminology here as Gwern, and to stay with the gardening metaphor, they will be accompanied wi...
). Like a garden, it's grown slowly over time, by tending to notes and planting new ones. A digital garden consists of notes on various things the author wants to capture, such as thoughts, ideas, highlights, annotations, quotes, and summaries. It is a place for learning in public, so some contents will be more authorative and more complete than others. Contents are intended to change over time. Digital gardens are often a cleaned-up, public expression of personal knowledge managementPersonal knowledge management
Knowledge management as defined as systems to capture, create, store, distribute and use knowledge 1. Personal knowledge management then is such a system for personal use. Wright (2005) adds to thi...
systems used by the author.

A good starting point in learning more about how to use or consider information in a digital garden, and to understand the ethos of the gardener as well is the Digital Garden Terms of service by Shawn Wang.

If you are also interested in setting up an online digital garden, my site setupSite setup
The site is built with Jekyll. Content is edited within [[Obsidian]]. Code is edited with Sublime Text.

The original website is hosted on Versio: dannyplass.nl.
The github pages copy is hosted on ...
might provide some inspiration in terms of tooling.