Note stages

Created: Oct 24, 2021. Last updated: Oct 24, 2021.

Notes in a digital gardenDigital garden
A digital garden is a type of web presence which is somewhere in-between a tweet and a blog, in terms of the amount of structure and finality of the contents (see [[note stages]]). Like a garden, i...
have different stages of development. For my notes, I'm using the same terminology here as Gwern, and to stay with the gardening metaphor, they will be accompanied with images showing different stages of growth (similar to what Maggie Appleton does). The icons are from the OpenMoji project, with colors adjusted for the dark theme.

  • note - the initial seed
  • draft - has some structure
  • in-progress - a well-developed draft
  • finished - done (but contents likely still develop further over time)